The Capture of Evil Pea!

Date: 2nd Nov 2017 @ 8:00pm

Since trapping Supertato, the Evil Pea has been causing chaos around our school. Mr Allen sent us pictures of all of the places that he has caught Evil Pea around school. 

He has been drawing on our carrots for snack time, hiding in the dinner hall, and he has even been hiding in one of the sandpits!


After seeing the pictures of Evil Pea creating chaos in school, Year 1 decided it would be a good idea to go on a hunt to stop Evil Pea once and for all! We split into groups, put our detective hats on and off we went...


We found lots of clues; there was a bit of his black mask in the hall, there were green footprints in RK, and bits of cotton in 3W!

After we had searched the school, we re-grouped on the KS1 playground to discuss our findings. We realised we hadn't checked the playgrounds. 

Year 1 went off to continue their search. They searched high and low and eventually one of the children spotted something green high up in the KS2 outdoor willow classroom. IT WAS EVIL PEA!!! 

Mrs. Beamish was very brave and fought with Evil Pea until she captured him. The children were so excited that they had finally captured Evil Pea that they marched him straight to Mr. Allen's office! Mr. Allen was so impressed with the children's detective skills he kept  Evil Pea with him so that he could keep a watchful eye on him!


Once Evil Pea had been put into the safe hands of Mr Allen, the children in Year 1 felt like it was a good time to free Supertato!!


Hooray! Brilliant detective work Year 1!!

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