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Welcome to William Stockton Primary School


We are delighted to welcome you to William Stockton Primary School's website.


At William Stockton Primary School our motto is “Striving for Excellence” and we committed to providing a welcoming, calm and stimulating environment in which we can nurture the achievements of every child. We provide a broad and balanced education, where children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. We recognise and celebrate the talents of each child, enabling them to grow in confidence and achieve both their educational and personal goals.


At William Stockton Primary School we work closely with parents/carers and the wider community to ensure the success of our children. We believe that children deserve the best possible chances in life and that they learn best when there are strong links between home and school.


William Stockton Primary School is solution oriented school (SOS) which means that we approach everything with a solutions focused mindset.  We believe that if it works we'll do more of it and it doesn't then we'll do something different. We believe that the problem is the problem, not the person themselves and that people have the resources to make change possible. We also believe that possibilities are infinite and we believe in learning one's strengths, skills and resources.  These are our principles and they underpin our approach to all that we do. 


At William Stockton we strive for excellence in everything that we do to help our children achieve and be safe,healthy, happy, and prepared for the future.


The Governors, Staff and Children are very proud of William Stockton Primary School and hope that you enjoy finding out more about our school by browsing our website. Visits are encouraged and welcomed: we would be delighted to show you around our wonderful school.




   Mrs Atkins                                          Mr Armer

      Executive Head Teacher                      Acting Head Teacher